I Boschi e il sentiero


The history of the Holy Thorn of Petilia Policastro begins in 1523 inglese

It must have been a modest church with a hermitage for a few religious people, but then after 1523…


*romitorio’ deriva da romito, cioè ‘eremita’, detto di persona solitaria che si isola volontariamente per concentrarsi nella meditazione e nella preghiera, -luogo dove dimora l’eremita.

The Reggina of France Giovanna di Valois, donates the Spina to the Friar

In 1498, the Blessed Queen of France Giovanna Valois collected one of the thorns that pierced the head of our Lord in a golden blowpipe and gave it to her confessor Father Dionisio Sacco in his gratitude.

Friar Dionisio Sacco wants to bring the sacred Thorn to the Monastery of origin...

The friar decided to bring the sacred and precious relic to the Sanctuary of his monastery of origin located in Petilia Policastro, as soon as the opportunity arose and began the journey in 1522

Friar Ludovico Albo completed the mission.

In 1522, Father Dionisio Sacco set out for Petilia Policastro with the intent of bringing the Holy Thorn to the city. However, during the journey, he was called back to France and had to postpone his plan. On his return, in Bologna, he was struck by fever and felt close to death. At this point, he entrusted the precious object, the “golden reed” containing the Holy Thorn, to Father Ludovico Albo, expressing the wish that the relic be brought to the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Petilia Policastro. He did so, and on August 22, 1523, after crossing all of Italy, the horse stopped near the church, where the Oratory stands today.

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“U Vennari e Merzu” The Calvary

191 years of devotion.

On March 10, 2023, the 191st Procession of Calvary was celebrated. Highly followed by the people of Petilia, this event draws the entire community.

The Procession

La processione del Calvario di Petilia Policastro si compone di oltre 100 figuranti che interpretano la passione di  Cristo e da migliaia di fedeli.

The Route

The procession gathers at the Church of San Francesco and from there begins the journey that crosses all the main streets of Petilia Policastro…

Marian Family

We are “contemplatives with an apron”, we pray and evangelize, adore and serve… The Marian Family “Le 5 Pietre” has revived the Convent of the Holy Thorn since 2020, with moments of Prayer and fraternity for the entire community of Petilia Policastro and its surroundings.

The Woods of the Convent

The Woods of the Convent of the Holy Thorn are a natural refuge where wildlife thrives, and where, at the right time of the year, one can find precious treasures like mushrooms emerging from the undergrowth. Every step among these ancient trees is a unique experience, a journey into the heart of nature, a moment of reflection and wonder at the beauty that only Mother Earth can offer. If you want to immerse yourself in the enchantment of this lush nature and discover the magic of the woods of the Convent of the Holy Thorn, do not hesitate to come and live an unforgettable experience in an environment where nature is the true protagonist…

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Book the guided tour of the convent, the friars of the Mariana Family will take you on a tour, inside and outside the convent. You can also stop in the atrium and find some peace in this place rich in history and spirituality.

Convent, Sanctuary of the Holy Thorn of Petilia Policastro


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